Hire your Favorite Band in Oregon

Our journey in the world of music has empowered and reconnected us with ourselves and now we would like to share this journey with you. Lake Music is proud to announce its new initiative where you hire a band or a musician of your choice to amplify your special event.

We can introduce you to a host of musicians and bands alike, who can play music right from the ’70s to those of the new generation. Give us the opportunity to help you hire a band or musician for your event.

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Party Of 4


Rock N’ Roll Music

Party of 4 or “PO4” for short are known for their Rock N’ Roll music and their influences stem from blues, rock.



Jazz Funk, Folk & Rock Music

Ed Kopp is a professional musician & prolific songwriter who performs live & writes his own songs.



Viola music

RSQ is popular for its formal recital concerts, educational workshops and contribution to the local community.



French Chansons, Weimar Cabaret & American Swing Music

Experience a musical journey of mystery and romance from Paris, Germany and American cultures.

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