Party Of 4


Party of 4, dubbed “PO4” for short, was formed in the summer of 2020 at a barn about 25 miles south of Portland, OR. Known for their Rock N’ Roll music, their influences stem from blues, rock and alternative artists from the late 1950’s through the modern era. It was over a couple of beers when Drummer Patrick Krause and Guitarist cum vocalist Clayton Madey learnt about their love of music and decided to collab for a “rock barn” to play some classic rock tunes together. That was the birth of the band.

 Clayton was further friends with lead guitarist Charlie Moore since childhood and they played the guitar together for many years. They formed a band in the 7th grade called, “Animal Zombies,” but couldn’t really release the music. “We didn’t release anything because it was diabolical trash,” to be specific. Clayton arranged a music session with Pat and Charlie where the chemistry only improved. Then with the need of bass player, Pat knew and introduced Jordan Korach who came with an exceptional list of professional experience in recording and live shows and the two had played in a band together earlier. When Charlie and Clayton listened to his music, they broke the silence with, “Why would a guy like that want to sit it with us?” and Pat said, “Because he’s a rock n’ roll addict.”