Welcome to Lake Music

Lake Music was founded in 1970 by Sid Smither. As a 3rd generation musician, he was set on a career as an opera singer. Unfortunately, a surgery that didn’t go well for him, closed that door. Instead of losing hope, Sid worked hard to open his own music store, Lake Music and continued another 3rd generational tradition – music education.

Over the last 51 years, Lake Music has served as a hub for musical instruction and mentoring. So much so that Lake Music is now seeing grandchildren of students who had learned music at Lake Music.

In 2013, Sid Smither suddenly passed away leaving behind the music store he built and the community he so much loved. Rather than see Lake Music close, Sid’s son, Tim Smither did everything possible to keep the music store alive. As the pandemic hit us in 2020, Tim quarantined himself at Lake Music to understand the business that his father so much loved. By June, he left his job of close to 20 years to work at Lake Music full time.


Lake Music’s current hours are:

Monday – Saturday: 11.00 am – 5.00 pm

Sunday: open by appointment


Music runs through us.
It can be a great healer,
it can be a dance party,
and it can be both.


We thank you for your support as we grow together.

“Let It Be”